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ヽ(o ̄∇ ̄o)/ WELCOME~!

Hey I'm Lizzie (dritree)! This journal is a semi-friends. i don't mind keeping some of my postsopen though more prsonal ones will be locked! So don't be afraid to friend me or whatever~

I've been absent for a year now? due to real life stuff, though i still use this journal for different things, and hopefully i'll start posting regularly again like i used to ( i miss it ;_;)

The main things i'm interested in are:
Kis-My-Ft2 (August 2011 debut!)
Yamashita Tomohisa
Johnny's Entertainment (as a whole)
UK/US chart music
NCIS (watch it its awesome)
Glee (this is equally awesome)

and probably plenty of other things i can't remember right now :P
At the moment i'm working as a waitress and bar staff at a pub close by and doing a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) course and in october i'm going to start a Criminology course too.

If you want to know anything else about me feel free to ask~ i don't bite~^^

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I'm so tired..xD
Last night after work we had McD's and Sourz which was great, stayed u til late then had to get up early again for workxP

But yeah its been okay today. not very busy, surprisingly for a sunday, so i went to pick up rubbish/trash/litter from the car park. which was wierd... there was loads of wierd stuff~ like chairs, signs, toys...xDD

And thats as interesting as my day got XP so i may go find a good drama to watch after big brothers finished~
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mum y/n?


SO today i went into town~ *FUN*
and we had a picnic in Christ Church gardens, which was just awesome, I've never found ducks so funny before but yeah.
I also wen round to this nice hotel wher we're going to have a party for my 21st. MAN its nice, its even got a swimming pool, sauna room, beauty therapy area. and the room for the party itself is just WOW. its really nice... i'm going for a red and pink theme.. *bricked*XDDD Hirosuke~ LOL.

Also theres tons of people round at my work who are pregnant at the moment, and its making me all broody...?XDD LMAO!
I've just gotta find a good guy first~XPP
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I swear~XDDD

It's been a while (4 months), But i'm going to start this up again. I miss my friends from here loads, if you guys are still there??
I'll admit i haven't been reading posts at all apart from info ones on the Kisumai comm. Thats bad.

But now i've changed my header and stuf and am gonna start a fresh~ whoop!!

Uhmm yeah.

It'd be nice to know how everybody's doing and what you've been up to and such~..?
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Taipi - grin

It's wierd...

..I'm so hooked on Celebrity Big Brother at the moment..

and Glee XDDD

-this is what happens when i stay at home all the time and watch TV for ages-
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